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Galaxy Runes Pro

3.99 usd

Ancient Wisdom for Modern TimesPersonal Evolution ~ Spiritual Connection ~ Practical Guidance ~ Everyday Magic
Galaxy Runes is an app for rune divination and learning.
Tune into your own wisdom everyday through contemplation of your Rune of the Day.
Reflect and gain insight on your life through contemplation of the runes of the Elder Futhark, a mysterious and magical alphabet of the Ancient Germanic people.
* All New Galaxy Runes Pro 3 look.
* Rune of the Day: daily rune message
* Journal: save your rune readings and daily runes
* Rune Readings: divination using a single rune or one of 10 rune spreads.
* Book of Runes: browse all the runes by title or rune image and view their individual meanings and magical correspondences.
* 4 sets of runes, including all new white stone and black stone
* 6 high resolution backgrounds
* Optional reverse runes.
* Optional Wyrd (blank) rune.
* Custom sized Rune of the Day home screen widget.
* Save your own notes for each rune. An easy way to take your studies deeper.
This is what our users are saying:
"Excellent divination tool!"
"App adds extra edge to your intuition."
"As good as the real thing."
"Revealing and insightful."
"The widget is incredible"
"This app is a great teaching tool as well as a divination tool."
"Anyone studying the runes should have this app."
"Great app with a beautiful message."
"Accurate and informative."